Jaspisowe Apartments


Estate at Jaspisowa Street is a high-class object comprising 24 exclusive apartments with an area from 130 to 200 sqm, located in the Wrocław district of Ołtaszyn. The architecture of this investment, as a response to the demanding expectations of the clients, combine the features of an exclusive apartment and a single family house, perfectly fitting into the climate of the surroundings they are in. Each of the apartments has an independent entrance to the rich garden with an area of 300 sqm, an intimate daily zone and a residential zone. The apartments, thanks to the use of large glass surfaces, are very light and spacious. The glass surfaces in the living room which spread from the ceiling to the floor make the interior blend with the surroundings, creating through this an impressive look.

The architecture of the estate was awarded by the President of Wrocław and the Association of the Lovers of Wrocław as the best architectural realization BEAUTIFUL WROCŁAW 2009 in the category of residential buildings in semi-detached structure.

The realization of this investment was completed in 2009.