Multi-Business Center

About the investment

Multi-Business Center is a modern service and office building located in Ślęza at Dębowa Street. The investment is located in the vicinity of Multi-forma I and Multi-forma II estates.
The design of the building in the immediate vicinity of the intimate detached houses construction is completed by the investment of the developer in this area and responds to the growing demand for office premises of Kobierzyce municipality inhabitants.

Multi-Business Center, as well as other investments carried out by the developer, stands out because of its timeless and elegant form of architecture. The front façade is inspired by the nature of the residential investment architecture by creating a consistent construction character.   Placing the accent on the arcade of the building with the warm wood in combination with grey plates and modern bossages in the space between the windows gives it a unique and timeless character.

The building consists of three floors. On the ground floor, there is a commerce and services area perfectly lit by glass sites. Whereas on the floors, there are modern offices. The total area of the service and office premises intended for sale and rental in more than 1700 m2.

The idea of the developer when designing was the creation of small office building with a surface from 15 m2 at very attractive transactional prices, which will allow each even the smallest business for the purchase of its own surface.  The investment in an office at this location is also a perfect solution for people who want to invest cash and derive income from rental of a property.

To meet the expectations of Customers, it is possible to divide a surface consistent with the business needs of the Customer finishing the Interior on the basis of the individual guidelines.

The building provides all kinds of sanitary and social facilities in form of toilets, and rooms with a kitchenette, available for all users of the building.  The ground parking will be given at the disposal.


Multi-Business Center is a modern service and office building located in Ślęza at Akacjowa Street 4n-p. The investment is located in the vicinity of the Multi-form and Multi-form II estates.

Benefits of purchasing

  • the opportunity to purchase a small office space from 15 sqm to 1700 sqm
  • the possibility of any configuration of offices
  • The purchase of the office with the “turnkey” finishing
  • attractive purchase price from PLN 89 000
  • the possibility of buying office with Jeremie grant – the offices up to 100 000 EUR

Table of offices

Surface m 2
Card of apartment
Karta mieszkania

Area: 47 m2
Floor: 2
Elevator: Tak
Furniture: w pełni umeblowane

Blueprints and visualizations

We invite you to watch the premises!

Tel. +48 517 803 148 | +48 71 719 57 72

Receipt standard

  • The foundations
  • walls of the building
  • Ceilings
  • Timber roof truss and Truss and roof covering
  • balcony Floor
  • Windows, 7-compartment external window sills
  • garage gate
  • enhanced door
  • Elevation – styrofoam 15 cm + mineral plaster
  • partitions Walls
  • Floors
  • internal Plasters
  • Roof Linings
  • entry and sidewalk to the building
  • panel Fence
  • green area – preparation for plantings
  • exterior lighting
  • Route
  • electrical installation with accessories
  • installation of central heating with radiators and boiler
  • Plumbing Installation
  • electronics
Na życzenie klienta zapewniamy:
  • Underfloor heating
  • central vacuum
  • electric shutters
  • air conditioning
  • Electrically opened garage door
  • installation of "smart home"
  • Recuperation
  • installation of underwater treatment station
  • solar installation
  • Safe glasses in windows
  • Alarm system installation