Multiform 4

About the investment

Multi-Forma IV is a continuation of our joyful creativity within your and our favourite location, small but appreciating great potential – Ślęza.

This estate is our answer to your requests for the successive stages of the terrace and the detached houses, for homes and gardens with larger surfaces than before.

In numerous conversations and emails, our clients have asked for something special.

That is why our work has not ended only on the above improvements over previous investments… the new owners will receive from us all they applied for in terms of layouts and surfaces – wrapped up in the unusual and unique architecture so that both “cover and content” could be enjoyed by them for many years to come.

All the houses are two-storey, intimate detached or terraced houses. On the ground floor, there will be a comfortable kitchen with almost 3 meters’ high living room with direct access to the garden and a bathroom that will provide the future residents with the convenience and comfort of home use. On the first floor, 4 spacious bedrooms will be located WITHOUT BEVELS, which also will be up to 3 metres high and possessing a functional bathroom. The addition is a mezzanine, that can be adapted to another room, a storeroom useful for each family or a small attic.


The location of the estate, in a quiet very well communicated place in the southern area  of Wroclaw, allows for a quick and comfortable access to the city centre as well as perfect access to the ring road and problem-free exit from the city. In addition, the following items may be found in close vicinity of the estate:

  • modern School-Kindergarten Complex in Wysoka,
  • primary school in Bielany Wrocławskie,
  • sport centre Matchpoint with an excellent restaurant,
  • large number of shops in Wysoka and in Ołtaszyn
  • shopping malls in Bielany Wrocławskie
  • recently opened Aqua park in Bielany Wrocławskie
  • ample playgrounds for the youngest estate residents
  • Multi-business Center-office-retail building providing various services

Interested? Give us a call – 514 041 688

Multiforma IV in a nutshell.

– Location at Pszenna Street, Ślęza (Kobierzyce commune)

– intimate estate comprising 6 unique terraced and semi-detached houses

– sizes of houses, approx. 150 sqm of usable area

– 2 storeys and an entresol

– sizes of gardens – from 57-285 m2

– price from PLN 689 000 gross to PLN 799 000 gross

–garages inside the building structure and additional parking spots in the area of the investment

–term of investment handover-maximum 2nd quarter of 2020

–Modern elevation supplementing our artistic activities in the area of Ślęza with a bit of latest world trends in the scope of architecture

Layout of estate

Completion standard

  • Foundations of the building
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Roof covering
  • 7-chamber windows
  • External Window sills
  • Garage gate
  • Strengthened Entrance Door
  • Facade - polystyrene 15 cm + mineral plaster
  • Partition walls
  • Floors
  • External plasters
  • Cladding of roof surface area
  • Entrance and sidewalk to the building
  • Panel fencing
  • Green area - preparation for plantings
  • External lighting
  • Access Road
  • Electrical wiring with fittings
  • Central heating installation with heaters and boilers
  • Water and sewage system
  • TV wiring with fittings
Na życzenie klienta zapewniamy:
  • Underfloor heating
  • central vacuum cleaner
  • Electrically controlled shutters
  • Air-conditioning
  • Electrically steered garage gate
  • “Intelligent Home” Installation
  • Recuperation
  • Installation for water treatment unit
  • Solar installation
  • Safe glass in windows
  • Alarm system

Standard Premium (thus, developer’s standard and much more):

NOTE! Additionally paid (+ PLN 30 thousand gross to be added on top of the price list price of a house)

– installation of recuperation without the device,

-installation of underfloor heating  – ground floor + upper floor bathroom,

– drive for garage gate,

– sliding garage door,

– shutters,

– installation of central vacuum cleaner without the device