Art-Business Center

Biurowiec Art Business Center

About the investment

Art-Business Center building will distinguish itself with modern and elegant architectural form. The front side elevation will practically be entirely created from glass, further to wooden truss connections and innovative elevation tiles which will give the building a unique character and ensure it being noticeable on the Wrocław business map.

We take all necessary steps in order to ensure that each detail of the investment, starting from the architecture and ending on the selection of the highest quality building materials, through the low costs of premise maintenance and their functionality and comfort of use fulfils the expectations of the most demanding Clients.

The building consists of three storeys and a usable mezzanine. It will be equipped in a noiseless lift, the system of air humidity control, suspended ceilings and an environmentally-friendly lighting system. Total area of all service-commercial premises designated for sale amounts to 1,100 sqm. We offer 280 sqm of area designated for commercial-trade premises on the ground floor. Modern offices, perfectly lighted with glass windows will be located on upper floors. The first storey will encompass premises with the total area of 380 sqm, the second storey will have 360 sqm at disposal, while the mezzanine will be sold to users of second storey offices as an additional area for adaptation. In the strive to meet the expectations of our Clients we will be suggesting a division of areas, compliant with the business needs of Clients (size of premises, shape, location). It will also be possible to finish the interior on the basis of individual instructions of the purchasers. The entire building will be equipped in recuperation, ensuring mechanical ventilation whilst recovering heat and providing air-conditioning at the same time. Also all types of sanitary-social amenities are planned in the form of bathrooms with showers and kitchenettes. Ground parking, directly adjoining the building, will be at the disposal of the motorized residents.


Art-Business Center is located in Wrocław’s Ołtaszyn, at 7a Strachowskiego Street. The location of the building itself allows for convenient access to the city centre as well as the nearby entrance to the highway and the southern areas of Wrocław.