Multiforma I Estate

Osiedle Multiforma I

The name MULTIFORMA ESTATE was inspired by the diversity of the offered buildings as well as their light architectural form. We offer our Clients a rich offer of 24 houses with diverse dimensions of usable area, starting from 100 and ending on 157 square meters, equipped in garages and plots of land as well as a playground for the youngest inhabitants.

Multi-forma is however not only a modern architecture and a diversity of the offer. It is, above all, characterized by LOW COSTS OF MAINTANANCE. Low costs of heating equal factual saved money of our Clients who will appreciate this advantage in time, especially in light of the increasing electricity cost.

Well-sealed windows, warm glass (triple pane carpentry), thick insulation layers, good insulation of external partitions, including window and door carpentry, highly efficient thermal insulation and perfectly insulated walls are just some of the techniques applied by us which will have a direct impact on the low costs of your house maintenance. In addition, at your request, we will equip the segments in the highest class recuperation to guarantee heat recovery from the air and limitation of energy losses occurring as a result of ventilation of the premises, while at the same time providing you with permanent access to fresh air. All the houses consist of three storeys. The ground floor is a place where family life will concentrate for the most part. 3-meter high, spacious living room, lightened by a window of the similar height, with a direct entrance to the garden, kitchen and bathroom connected in a thoughtful and functional manner will ensure satisfaction, comfort and convenience of use to its residents. On the second level of the building (floor) you will find, depending on your choice, 2, 3 or 4 cosy bedrooms and a bathroom thanks to which each member of your family will find their asylum and a perfect place to relax in. The unique part of our segments is their usable attic which you may adapt freely, for instance, into a spacious bedroom with a bathing salon, a chill out room or a playroom for the children. Due to the fact that our Clients’ satisfaction is our highest priority, our houses may be arranged in any way possible. We consider residential changes, we assist, advise and perform them. Our houses are thanks to this tailored made for you and in accordance with your wishes, which translates into the subsequent comfort of their use.